Kitchen tools make cooking an experience worth repeating. In fact, the right kitchen tools can make cooking a dance, a real celebration of life! Maybe that’s overstating it a bit, but nevertheless having the right tools will make your time in the kitchen well spent and you will love the results.

These days, the market is flooded with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to make your cooking easier and better. How can you know what tools are worth the investment?

Livonia Glatt has made it easier. By sifting through all of those gadgets for you, we’ve come up with a list of essential kitchen tools. While we don’t carry kitchen tools at Livonia Glatt, we’ve provided the links so that you have them handy in case you’d like to learn more.

Chef knives provide the basis for everything culinary. Carbon-steel helps hold a good, strong edge, while stainless steel gives it shine and makes it easy to clean. Try to find a good one with both.
Kitchen tongs – Another essential. Like an extension of your hand, tongs can do just about anything. Chefs swear by them, and you will, too.
Knife sharpener – If you’re going to have a good knife, you’re going to want to take care of it. A good sharp edge is essential, and it takes no time at all with this sharpener.
Microplane – These graters are just fantastic. They come in a variety of models, for a variety of jobs. They will make you want to ‘zest’ everything.
Mandoline slicer – Did you ever wonder how restaurants get those amazing, perfectly consistent cuts? It’s the mandoline slicer. Essential, effortless, perfect cuts every time.
Immersion blenders – Take blending to the next level. Blend soup while it’s still in the pot. Purees, sauces and more couldn’t be easier with this. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.
Manual citrus juicers – Nothing tastes like fresh-squeezed juice. These are sturdy, durable and make a great juice. You will find starting your day with fresh OJ is addictive.
Kitchen timers – Who hasn’t left something in the oven too long? It can turn a wonderful meal into wonderfully depressing. Avoid all that with a good timer.
Thermometers – Do you want to know just how hot your sauce is? How about the internal temperature of that roast in the oven? Don’t try to make candy or chocolate without one.
Mortar and Pestle – Used all over the world for grinding spices, making sauces (such as pesto – whose name comes from pestle) and more. There is a timeless quality about them that you will appreciate.
Mini processor – If the mortar and pestle aren’t your thing, or you are in a hurry, a good mini processor is perfect. Compact size is more practical than full-size models for everyday cooking.

Silpat silicone mat – For many, the oven is a love/hate relationship. They would like to bake but don’t love the results. The cure? Silpat. Stop sticking to the pan, burning on the bottom. Enjoy baking again.
Kitchenaid stand mixer – The classic for a reason. The 5qt model may just be one of the greatest kitchen tools ever created. Including the available attachments, the possibilities of what you can create with this are virtually limitless.
Digital slow cooker – Home-cooked dinners should be this easy always. Fill it up with the ingredients, program time and temperature and go to work. When you come home, dinner is ready and perfect. How great is that?
Vitamix blender – Another classic of professional kitchens all over, the Vitamix blender even has models that cook what you’ve blended. If that isn’t easy, what is?

The best part about getting new kitchen gadgets is trying them out. There’s nothing quite like preparing dinner with fun new kitchen tools. An occasion such as this deserves only the best. You now have some tools, and Livonia Glatt Market has what you need for dinner. It’s time to make this meal a next level experience.

Blog | May 26th, 2019