Juicy slice melon on rustic wooden table background.

Living in Los Angeles places residents in the perfect location for fresh, premium produce. When choosing LA produce, it’s important to know what’s in season and freshest when going to the store, or ordering online for kosher food delivery in Los Angeles. July brings a variety of LA produce to the table, which is perfect for enjoying at a summer BBQ or grabbing on your way out the door in the morning. Livonia Glatt Market carries a variety of kosher LA produce that’s in season this July.

With an irresistible perfume, ripe peaches and nectarines come into season beginning in July and running through September. Instead of looking at the red overlay, choose peaches and nectarines by looking at the background color. These fruits should be golden with the best pieces having an orangish tint. Peaches are fuzzy, while nectarines are smooth. Remember not to refrigerate them until they’ve softened and become fragrant, as peaches and nectarines continue to ripen after they’ve been picked.

Another LA produce staple, tomatoes, come into season beginning in July and running through October. Choosing premium LA produce from a kosher market makes for more flavorful, healthy and quality inspected tomatoes. When choosing tomatoes, look for vibrant color with taut, shiny skin. Avoid tomatoes with soft spots or wrinkly skin. Tomatoes should be kept at room temperature and never refrigerated, as it kills the flavor. For true backyard flavor, premium produce in LA makes for the best salsas, sandwiches and tomato sauces.

With more than 100 varieties of zucchini grown today, they range in size, shape and flavor. Starting in July and running through September, zucchini is in season. Smaller zucchini are best cooked by themselves, while the larger vegetables are better for stuffing and baking. When choosing zucchini, they should be free of cuts and the freshest have bristles of tiny hairs. Thinner, darker zucchini are tender and generally have a richer flavor that the firmer, milder zucchinis.

Nothing says July produce like a good melon. With a sweet, floral flavor, melons are often best paired with salty ingredients like blue cheese. When stored at room temperature, melons continue to ripen after they’ve been harvested. Melons can be refrigerated overnight if you enjoy them chilled, but much longer than that can result in soft spots and pitting. When choosing netted melons, like cantaloupe, fragrance is the best indicator of quality and ripeness. Smooth-rind melons like honeydew are best chosen based on color, which should be rich and creamy with a nearly waxy feel.

When looking for kosher LA produce, Livonia Glatt Market offers the freshest, premium produce delivered daily. Visit us on Facebook for weekly specials and updates on what’s in season and in stock at Livonia.

Blog | May 24th, 2019