Two glasses of tasty white wine at sunset

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy refreshing kosher white wines. Kosher white wines are no longer restricted to the sweet wines you drank at Passover. Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, kosher white wines pair perfectly with the cool sea breeze and California sunshine during the summer.

Livonia Glatt Market offers a wide selection of kosher white wines, ranging from light and affordable to high-end and refreshing. Here are a few of our favorites we suggest for summer sipping.

Morad Winery Danue Passion Fruit

Located at the foot of the Carmel mountains in Israel, Morad Winery creates kosher white wines using fruits like passion fruit. Typically a dessert wine, the Morad Winery Danue Passion Fruit wine features a strong passion fruit aroma with a sweet and sour taste. Passion fruit provides a sense of tranquility and serenity, which makes for a relaxing evening at home.

Baron Herzog Pinot Grigio Wine

This pinot grigio from Baron Herzog is an elegant, kosher white wine with hints of melon and honey. This wine is perfect for summertime sipping and pairs well with cheese plates. This pinot grigio is sweet, but not overly dry and best served chilled. Baron Herzog uses sustainable growing practices in producing wine in an effort to improve the environment.

Baron Herzog White Zinfandel

With hints of strawberry and cotton candy, this versatile wine is perfect for summer in LA. Baron Herzog’s White Zinfandel pairs wonderfully with fish and poultry and is best served chilled. Enjoy a bright color and crisp texture that’s the perfect compromise between dry and sweet.

Herzog Selection Les Lauriers des Rothschild Rose 2014

The Rothschild Rose pairs well with veal, duck and lamb, as well as with French cheeses. Made up of 20% Cabernet Franc, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 70% Merlot, the Rothschild Rose makes for a refreshing summer blend. This blend is aged for 14 months, 60% in French oak barrels. This well-balanced rose is easy to drink with hints of sweetness and citrus.

Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc

The Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc combines all of the special elements characteristic of the varietal including intense fruity notes and flavors. Taste the Chenin Blanc and you’ll identify hints of gooseberry, white peach and nectarine. This kosher white wine pairs well with poultry, veal and Asian dishes. Originating in California, this varietal is sweet, but not overly so.

Stop by Livonia Glatt Market to browse our selection of kosher white wines and pick out the perfect bottle to sip with a friend on a sunny summer day in Los Angeles. At Livonia, we also offer online ordering and local delivery within a three-mile radius. L’Chayim!

Blog | May 23rd, 2019