December is stressful. Whether trying to wrap up projects at work before the end of the year, arranging Chanukah travel plans or fighting off a cold, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Between a large Thanksgiving feast and all of the Chanukah cookies, cakes, donuts and latkes, you may not eat as well in the last few weeks of the year. Fear not. Did you know you can reduce stress by changing your diet? Try these foods for a positive effect on your brain and body.

Of course kale chips can’t remove the stress from your life, but changing your diet can increase serotonin levels and possibly make you more optimistic. Additionally, you’ll appreciate the peaceful and stress-free shopping experience while picking up these items at Livonia Glatt Market. With peaceful music and a friendly staff, we strive to provide our customers with a stress-free shopping experience.

If you haven’t made your own kale chips, it’s time to integrate them into your regular home snacking routine. All you need to make them are a few simple ingredients – kale, olive oil and salt. A recent study found that people who eat olive oil daily feel more satisfied. They also benefit from a boost of serotonin. Harvard School of Public Health found that people whose blood contained high levels of carotenoids (an antioxidant found in kale) were significantly more optimistic than those with lower levels. Find top-quality, fresh kale daily at Livonia Glatt Market.

One of the many benefits to eating grass-fed beef instead of grain-fed comes in the amount of antioxidants. Grass-fed beef includes vitamins C, E and beta-carotene. A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that those who ate grass-fed meat increased their blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids and decreased levels of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. What does this mean? A lower risk of many disorders, including depression, cancer, inflammatory disease and cardiovascular disease. Not to mention, grass-fed beef doesn’t have added hormones and antibiotics, making it healthier all around. Interested in learning more about the differences between grass-fed and grain-fed beef? Read our blog on the topic.

And you thought this list was going to be full of just “health” foods. Dark chocolate includes anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that temporarily blocks feelings of pain and depression. Not only does dark chocolate produce anandamide, it also contains chemicals that prolong the good feelings produced by anandamide. Cocoa polyphenols, which are more concentrated in dark chocolate than milk chocolate, help reduce stress, especially in women. Try snacking on dark chocolate almonds for an extra dose of stress-busting magnesium, too!

It’s important to take care of yourself, especially in times of high stress. Stress has the ability to spike cortisol levels, a hunger hormone that increases your desire for high-fat, high-calorie foods. Choosing healthier alternatives can help ease your stress, as well as provide better nutrients for your body. While you may be craving a burger and fries, choose a salmon burger instead. Stress-reducing foods can help ease your anxiety without causing the number on your scale to increase. Find these reducing foods along with many others at Livonia Glatt Market in Los Angeles.


Blog | May 25th, 2019