We are proud to serve our community. At Livonia Glatt, we believe that providing excellent customer service isn’t something we try to make time for, it’s our natural priority. As a result, we provide our customers with not only high quality groceries, but also education about the products and why we’re proud to carry them. Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019

Smoothies are awesome. In addition to being delicious, quick and on-the-go, smoothies also pack a punch when it comes to maximum health benefits. Smoothies can help disguise the health benefits of less flavorful foods by combining them with naturally sweeter ingredients. Winter smoothies combine seasonal produce for maximum health. One of the greatest things about Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019

For many of us, it’s not Chanukah without latkes. And while you may be partial to the traditional style latke your grandmother has perfected over the years, it may be time to mix it up. From swapping potatoes for sweet potatoes to incorporating feta and vegetables, there’s no limit to the latke possibilities this Chanukah. Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019



With Chanukah approaching quickly, it’s time to start planning your holiday meals at Livonia Glatt Market. Livonia Glatt Market is stocked up and ready with all of your Chanukah favorites. You’ll find the ingredients to make the perfect Chanukah meals – from potatoes for Grandma’s secret latke recipe to premium grass-fed brisket. Tradition forms the Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019

December is stressful. Whether trying to wrap up projects at work before the end of the year, arranging Chanukah travel plans or fighting off a cold, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Between a large Thanksgiving feast and all of the Chanukah cookies, cakes, donuts and latkes, you may not eat as well in Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019


vegan nutritional yeast flakes in bowl

Nutritional yeast offers a bevy of health benefits, especially for those individuals following a vegetarian or vegan diet. While this type of yeast has been popular in the non-animal ingesting crowd for many years, its benefits can help herbivores and carnivores alike. Nutritional yeast has a nutty, cheese-like flavor, which makes it easy to incorporate Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019

More and more grocery stores are adding gluten free products to accommodate a growing number of customers adopting a wheatless diet. The shelves at Livonia Glatt Market include gluten free products for our customers’ dietary requirements. You may be wondering if you should ditch wheat products. Before you give up bread, beer and spaghetti completely, Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019
Portion Of Kelp Salad

We know what you’re thinking. You read the title of this blog and thought, “Eat MORE seaweed? Why would I eat it at all outside of a California roll?” In case you haven’t heard, seaweed has risen from the deeps of the ocean as the latest superfood craze. According to an article published by The Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019
Raw Ground Beef Meat With Fresh Herbs.

In a continued effort to get healthier, many wonder whether or not to make the switch from ground beef to ground turkey. While ground turkey has often been touted as the healthier alternative to ground beef, the results of the comparison aren’t exactly cut and dry. In all honesty, ground beef and ground turkey stack Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019
Challah in different shapes and sizes

Brisket has become a Jewish holiday favorite, with Rosh Hashanah being no exception. If you’re planning on preparing brisket this Rosh Hashanah, here are three recipes to give you a head start in planning your holiday meal. Each of these recipes many range in flavor, but all give you the time honored tradition of this Read more

Blog | May 25th, 2019
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